March 12, 2016


Why did we choose “The Social Turn” as our conference theme this year? And what does it mean?

Dresden, our city, has been put into a bad light in the last years. Social challenges, like the refugee crisis, have divided the public opinion and the society itself, and dialogue has often been neglected. However, we at TEDxDresden believe that there is a better way; that there are many brilliant ideas in and around Dresden that can have a positive and constructive impact on our society and that need to be spread. This is why, on September 11, 2016, at the Societaetstheater in Dresden, we want to present some of these ideas – there are many more!

We owe the name “The Social Turn” to a movement in arts, where artists want to turn their heads,minds and their hands towards social topics, instead of making art as an end in itself. We believe that the concept should be applied to our everyday lives.

Therefore we ask: How do we live our lives socially minded? How do we care about others in our daily routines? How do we cross borders and grow together as a society? At TEDxDresden 2016 we want to focus on ideas that seek answers to these questions. Ideas that are worth spreading. Ideas that inspire us to build bridges, to communicate better and to share what we have – so that everybody gains.

Let’s do the turn!

This is what our patron Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, president of Dresden University of Technology, thinks about TEDxDresden:

„Gerade in der heutigen Zeit und der derzeitigen politischen Entwicklung ist es wichtig, interdisziplinär und interkulturell zu denken. Die Welt öffnet sich immer weiter und wir beschäftigen uns wieder mehr mit Fragen, wie man Barrieren in den Köpfen überwinden, den eigenen Horizont erweitern und sich für Neues öffnen kann.

TEDx Dresden bietet – wie auch unsere Technische Universität Dresden – eine hervorragende Plattform fürs Denken über den Tellerrand hinaus.“